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Tanja Klankert


Tanja Klankert is a Ph.D. candidate in Theatre and Dance Studies and in Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies at the Graduate School of Humanities, University of Bern. She studied philosophy, German studies, computer linguistics and computer science at the University of Heidelberg and the University of Stuttgart. Her course of studies included a semester abroad at the Panasonic Speech Laboratory, Santa Barbara, California, USA. In parallel, she studied mathematics at the FernUniversität in Hagen. After receiving her Master’s degree in linguistics (major) and computer science (minor), she completed a post-graduate programme in Dance Culture at the University of Bern, which lead to her dissertation topic. The thesis deals with the reception of Japanese performing arts in the context of the European cultural history of body, gestures, and face. The project is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Her main research includes cultural and art history and theory, (comparative) aesthetics, body and somatic disciplines, dance history since the late 19th century, contemporary dance and performance. Further research interests involve phenomenology, philosophy of history, philosophy of technology.



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