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The World of Matter
25. January 2014, mrossini | 0 Comments

World of Matter is multimedia project providing an open access archive on the global ecologies of resource exploitation and circulation. It comprises visual practitioners and theorists conducting long-term research on material geographies, who engage ideas and practices from art, spatial culture, urbanism, anthropology, art history, cultural theory, photojournalism, activism, publishing, curating and education.
Its main initiator is Swiss artist Ursula Biemann whom some of you know from the conference Art With(out) Borders that Winter School participants Tanja Klankert and Erin Rice organized last year.
Project website:

Off to Finland
30. July 2013, Tarsh Bates | 0 Comments

Hi all

Just to let you know that I am off to Finland in September for an interdisciplinary research workshop to ecology and deep time in the subArctic tundra organised by the Finnish Society of Bioart. Here is the project blog FYI: I will be checking out the rock art up there to see what is growing.

Hope you are all well.


Winter School 2013 – Timely Statements
28. February 2013, Michael Toggweiler | 0 Comments

Early modern time foldings – guest lecturer Michael Kempe, Director of the Leibniz Research Center and the Leibniz-Archive in Hannover, explains why Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz’ alternative conceptualizations of time are still inspiring today

Winter School 2013 – Timely Statements
28. February 2013, Michael Toggweiler | 0 Comments

Time and the other – guest lecturer Antje Flüchter from the University of Heidelberg talks about modern Western chronocentrism and why India was thought to be non-contemporary to the contemporary Western norm

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