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CfP: Approaching Posthumanism and The Posthuman – update
15. August 2014, mrossini | 0 Comments

Linking back to the Winter School 2013 and the theme of posthumanism, I’d like to invite those of you working on human-animal and human-machine relations and intersections between the humanities, medicine and technoscience more broadly, to consider participating in this international conference and doctoral workshop. Further info: link

When: 4-6 June, 2015
Where: Geneva (t.b.c.), Switzerland
Deadline for abstract submission: 30 September, 2014

Guest speakers:
Jeffrey Cohen (Medieval and Early Modern Studies)
Stefan Herbrechter (Cultural Studies, Englit)
Margrit Shildrick (Gender Studies, Bioethics)
Cary Wolfe (Animal Studies, EngLit)

CfP: The Popular Life of Things
29. December 2013, mrossini | 0 Comments

The Institute of English Cultures and Literatures, University of Silesia (Poland) is happy to announce a CFP for an upcoming international conference:

The Popular Life of Things. Material Culture(s) and Popular Processes to be held in Sosnowiec (Poland), 3-4 July 2014

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Summer School: Physics and Philosophy of Time
23. February 2013, mrossini | 0 Comments

Clarissa Lee calls attention to a Summer School on “Physics and Philosophy of Time” to take place in Munich, 23-28 July 2013: CfP

Invitation to Bochum
10. September 2012, Klara Gross-Elixmann | 0 Comments

Dear all participants and future participants of the WinterSchool!

In January we had lively discussions about authorship, Foucault and Barthes. Now I’m organizing a workshop in Bochum on 23.11.2012. It is about the question of a “Second Authorship” in the cases of Kafka, Panizza, Döblin, Benn, Schnitzler and Musil. It will be in German but I would be happy to welcome also English speaking guests.

You’ll find further information here:

and please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions! I hope to see you (again) soon! Klara

21. January 2012, mrossini | 0 Comments

The European Meeting of the Society for Science, Literature and the Arts takes place in London, 21-23 June 2012. This year’s conference is dedicated to the theme of “sound” broadly construed:

Conference «Für eine neue Kultur der Geisteswissenschaften?» – Bern, 30.11 – 2.12.2011
17. November 2011, svonfischer | 0 Comments

How should the humanities be positioned in the face of general and higher education policies’ transformation processes? This question will be the point of departure of the three-day conference «Für eine neue Kultur der Geisteswissenschaften?» organized by the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAGW) in cooperation with the University of Basel’s «Programm für Wissenschaftsforschung».

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