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Conference «Für eine neue Kultur der Geisteswissenschaften?» – Bern, 30.11 – 2.12.2011

How should the humanities be positioned in the face of general and higher education policies’ transformation processes? This question will be the point of departure of the three-day conference «Für eine neue Kultur der Geisteswissenschaften?» organized by the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAGW) in cooperation with the University of Basel’s «Programm für Wissenschaftsforschung».

In order to make current problems tangible, the conference will highlight four crucial action fields of the humanities’ practice with regards to one respective concept of problematization: Research in the light of projectification, teaching in the light of employability, steering of higher education in the light of quality and performance, publics in the light of utilization.

The conference aspires to recognize and reconsider the needs of scholars of the humanities as well as their target audiences. Furthermore, it aims to deduce measures and strategies with respect to the challenges addressed. In addition, next steps have to be worked out in order to foster a new scientific culture in the humanities.

Application deadline: 21 November 2011

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