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Monatsarchiv für February 2012

Podcasts of Winter School Lectures
9. February 2012, svonfischer | 0 Comments

You can now listen to the lectures given at this year’s Winter School:

Click here to listen to Prof. Dr. Christiane Schildknecht (Philosophy, University of Lucerne) explaining the concept of knowledge, including its limits and an analysis of different forms of knowledge.

Click here to listen to PD Dr. Roland Wenzlhuemer (History, University of Heidelberg) talking about the changing relation between information and knowledge: new communication technologies and contemporary societies’ perception of them – the example of telegraphy.

Click here to listen to Prof. Dr. Michael Hagner (Science Studies, ETH Zurich) talking about the generation and transfer of knowledge in the digital age: the fate of the printed book and changing notions of intellectual property, reading, writing and interpretation.

Click here to listen to PD Dr. Stefan Willer (Literary Studies, ZfL Berlin) talking about figurations of future knowledge: a rhetorical and epistemological investigation of knowledge-to- come in connection to current prognostic notions like ‘sustainability’, ‘security’, ‘scenario’, ‘contingency’.

Working with Concepts Works
6. February 2012, mrossini | 0 Comments

Dear participants of the Winter School 2012

The memory of our lively conversations is as fresh as the snow that (finally) covers the Swiss landscape now. I would like to thank you once more for your manifold contributions to the success and friendly atmosphere of the first of a series of at least four of such international events for doctoral and postdoctoral students. It was marked by intellectual curiosity, polite dialogue and mutual learning as well as cheerful evenings of music and play.

In the following, I would like to post the overall concept of the Bernese Winter School that I introduced in my welcome speech on Sunday evening. Read more

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