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Statements on the Winter School
21. May 2012, svonfischer | 0 Comments

WS participant Michael Toggweiler writes in the latest issue of the Mercator News about his appreciation of a space allowing for encounters beyond power struggles and the resulting respectful discussions that took place during the Winter School 2012. Read his article in German 

Academic Hypertext
25. January 2012, djara | 0 Comments

Here is an essay by Adrian Miles dealing with some central issues concerning the possibilities of academic hypertext writing. While it might be somewhat outdated (2001), it still gives an idea of some of the “dangers” and advantages of the media.

Politicians and the Humanities
7. November 2011, svonfischer | 0 Comments

In an article, recently posted on the Politblog, Politik der Schweiz, the former ETH professor and member of the National Council of Switzerland, Jacques Neirynck, has criticized politicians’ perspectives on the humanities. From a profit-oriented perspective, he argues, the humanities are often considered useless, as opposed to technical or medical sciences. In his article, he offers a contrasting view, considering the humanities “the breeding ground for politics”. Read the entire article (in German only).

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