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Monatsarchiv für April 2013

Conference: Visibility Matters

Manuela Rossini calls attention to a conference on “Visibility Matters: Rendering Human Origins and Diversity in Space and Time” taking place at the University of Lucerne, 25–27 April 2013. WS 1013 participant Elaine Gan will speak on “Mapping Multispecies Temporalities”. For more information about programme and speakers check out this link.

Time – measure of all things

Blog_Spiralzeiger Participant Susanne Leuenberger would like to share a link to a special edition series of the Swiss national radio (SRF 2) entitled  ”Die Zeit – das Mass aller Dinge” (time – measure of all things). In the programme, physicians, philosophers, psychologists, artists, and “normal people” share their thoughts on their perception of time. The programme is in German.

Link: die-zeit-das-mass-aller-dinge







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