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Michael Toggweiler

personen_mt_Dr. Michael Toggweiler concluded his studies in social anthropology, early modern history and philosophy in 2006 with a “heuristics of the monstrous”. From 2007-2012 he was a teaching assistant and doctoral student at the University of Berlin and the FU Berlin. He received his PhD in October 2012 with an interdisciplinary thesis on early modern and 19th Century anthropological discourses by way of pygmy narratives as an analytical guideline. His scholarly interests are mainly in the area of poststructuralism, anthropology of knowledge, history of anthropology, cultural transfer, as well as the strange, monstrous and abnormal. Currently, he is the coordinator of the Graduate School of the Arts and Humanities at the Walter Benjamin Kolleg Bern and of the Consortium TransHumanities. Most recent publication: (co-edited with Manuela Rossini) Posthuman Temporalities, New Formations (Special Issue No 92), London, Lawrence and Wishart, 2018.

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