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Leaving the WinterSchool?

First of all: I do not think that we really leave the WinterSchool, we are just travelling home. With this blog, and the discussed, interconnected and continuing ideas we will certainly stay in touch (formulating a futurological statement).

After this exciting week I actually feel like a sponge: Filled with thougts on different topics, for example Apocaphilia, the professionalization of musicology, the Belarusian identity and its connection to the language, authorship in Role-Playing Games, mathematics and its interrelation to literature, mathematical modelling, ethics in the early Middle Ages in Baghdad, the relasticity of culture, the discourse on energy in the 19th and 20th century, constructions of whiteness in literary texts, the paintings of southeast-asian tumor patients, the discourse on modern dance, the concept of pygmies and its connection to differánce,  philosophical aspects in arabic magazines, or Animal studies and film – to name just a few.

I am very grateful for this exciting week with its many ideas, lecture sessions, and workshops and I now just want to say:

Safe journey home and see you again soon!

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