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Michael Hagner

Michael Hagner studied medicine and philosophy at the Free University Berlin. After obtaining his medical degree, he worked as a neuroscientist and shifted to the history of science in 1989. He spent some years in London, Lübeck and Göttingen and moved to the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in 1995. Since 2003, he has been Professor of Science Studies at the ETH Zürich. In 2008 he was awarded the Sigmund Freud Preis für Wissenschaftliche Prosa of the Deutsche Akademie für Sprache und Dichtung. His current research projects include the history of the scholarly book, neuroaesthetics, and the role of images in the sciences and humanities.

Selected publications: Homo cerebralis. Der Wandel vom Seelenorgan zum Gehirn. Berlin 1997 (re-published in 2008); Geniale Gehirne. Zur Geschichte der Elitegehirnforschung. Göttingen 2004 (French translation in 2008); Der Geist bei der Arbeit. Historische Untersuchungen zur Hirnforschung. Göttingen 2006 (translation into Hebrew in preparation); Der Hauslehrer. Sexualität, Kriminalität und Medien um 1900. Berlin 2010.

Michael Hagner is a guest lecturer of the Winter School 2012.


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