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Marijke Denger

Marijke Denger began her studies of English Language and Culture at Leiden University in September 2005. She spent the third year of her BA studies at Trinity College Dublin as a participant in the Harting Scholarship programme. At Trinity College Dublin she took courses in English, Irish and American literature and postcolonial studies in the School of English. As a Dutch Language Assistant in the Department of Germanic Studies she taught Bachelor courses in Dutch language, literature and applied geography. After obtaining her BA in English Language and Culture from Leiden University in August 2008, Marijke Denger moved to Switzerland and took up her MA studies at the English Department of the University of Bern. Here, she focused on modern and contemporary literatures in English and also took courses at the Institute of Theatre Studies. During her MA studies she worked as a student assistant for the Chair of Modern English Literature and the Chair of Literary Theory, gaining academic research and organisational experience. Since achieving her MA in Modern and Contemporary Literatures in English in October 2010 Marijke Denger has been working on her PhD project, working title Liminal Communities in Contemporary Postcolonial Novels. The project is supervised by Prof. Dr. Virginia Richter and funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). In the Autumn Semester 2011 and Spring Semester 2012 Marijke Denger worked as an assistant at the English Department of the University of Bern, gaining experience in teaching (Bachelor seminar in literary studies), study counselling and administrative tasks. She was also involved in the organisation and implementation of the 23rd annual conference of the Association for the Study of the New Literatures in English (GNEL/ASNEL), which took place in Bern in May 2012. Currently, she is assisting in the editorial process of the publication of the conference proceedings. Marijke Denger has been a member of the Graduate School at the Institute of Advanced Study in the Humanities and the Social Sciences (GS@IASH) since August 2011. Here, she is pursuing her research in the context of a three-year interdisciplinary doctoral programme that focuses on working with key concepts in the Humanities and the Social Sciences.


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