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Gonzalo Iparraguirre

Gonzalo Iparraguirre is an anthropologist. He obtained his degree in 2010 at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 2008 he works alongside a team of physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists in order to develop an interdisciplinary program called CEITT (Research Center on Time and Temporality). In 2011 he published his first book, entitled Anthropology of time, the mocoví case, which is a comparative study between western and indigenous temporality, as well as an outline of an ethnographic methodology called cultural rhythmics. You find Gonzalo Iparraguirres book in the password protected reader.
Currently, he is a PhD scholar (Anthropology) at the University of Buenos Aires. His project social imaginaries of nature and territory aims to expand previous studies of temporality and cultural rhythmics. Web site: www.ceitt.com


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