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Stefan Tramer

I am doctoral student at the Lund University School of Economics and Management, placed at the Department of Business Administration. In my PhD thesis, I bring to bear Koselleck’s work on temporalisation on a deconstructionist Luhmannian communication perspective in order to observe how the Swedish Public Administration observes unemployment. Taking as historico-cum-philosophical perspective, I seek to address how my observations of the Swedish Public Administration’s observation of unemployment can be construed as a historical (re-)temporalisation of the concept of employability, stressing the openness of a future to be perpetually borne by (unemployed) individuals’ self-realisation in time. To do so, five axioms are drawn upon: I elaborate Kari Palonen’s reading on Koselleck’s work on temporalisation, which focuses on aspects of de-spatialisation, de-naturalization, and de-traditionalisation. In addition, I turn to Koselleck’s concepts of asymmetry and generalisation, based on which employability is extrapolated in terms of a historical process of (re-)temporalisation.


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