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Oliver Lubrich

Oliver Lubrich is Professor of German and Comparative Literature at Universität Bern in Switzerland. Previously, he was junior Professor of Rhetoric at the Peter Szondi Institute of Comparative Literature and the Cluster of Excellence “Languages of Emotion” at Freie Universität Berlin. He has been a visiting professor at University of Chicago; California State University, Long Beach; Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico; and Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil.
Oliver Lubrich published books on Shakespeare’s Self-Deconstruction (2001) and Post-Colonial Poetics (2004, 20092). He edited/co-edited Alexander von Humboldt‘s Central Asia (2009), Kosmos (20043) and the first German version of Vues des Cordillères (20042), the Chimborazo Diary (20062) as well as the  ethnographic and political essays (2009, 2010). In his current research project he documents international testimonies from Nazi Germany: Reisen ins Reich (2004, 20092); Berichte aus der Abwurfzone (2007). (Travels in the Reich was published by the University of Chicago Press in 2010.)

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