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Julia Walker

Photo_WalkerJulia Walker is Assistant Professor of Art History at Binghamton University, and has also taught at the Savannah College of Art and Design and Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. She received her MA and PhD in Art History from the University of Pennsylvania with a dissertation titled “Capital Building: Anxiety and Memory in Berlin’s Government District,” focusing on Berlin’s rapid transformation after the fall of the Wall and revealing the nostalgic romanticism underlying the apparently hyper-modern reconstruction of the German capital’s government area. Her current book project, titled Allegories of the Avant-Garde, builds on this work while broadening to examine the ways in which Berlin’s post-Wall building boom resurrects and reformulates architectural forms and theories from the early 1900s. Her essay on post-reunification planning in Berlin, titled “The View from Above: Reading Reunified Berlin,” was published in the anthology The Design of Frontier Spaces: Control and Ambiguity (Ashgate, 2015), which looks at how manipulations of space and design in frontier zones, historically as well as today, set the stage for specific kinds of interactions and convey meanings about these sites and the experiences they embody. Professor Walker is also co-editor (with Pepper Stetler) of the August 2015 issue of The Journal of Architecture, which investigates the use of the book to document, describe, promote, and critique modern architecture from its inception at the end of the nineteenth century to its alleged death in the late twentieth century. She has also published essays on Louis Sullivan, Daniel Libeskind, and Zaha Hadid. Her work has been supported by the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst and the Society of Architectural Historians.

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