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Practical Info

When: 21 – 25 August 2017
Where: Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre, Woudenbergseweg 54, 3707 HX Zeist, The Netherlands (www.woudschoten.nl)
Language: English


Each morning session begins with a lecture given by one of our four keynote speakers, followed by responses and plenary discussions. These sessions are followed by plenary masterclass sessions with text-based discussions, and parallel workshops in the afternoon, which focus on key concepts and core texts that are particularly relevant for the research projects of the participants. Posters visualize the participants’ projects and foster informal exchange throughout the week.

What do we offer?

The hosting institution will cover your travel expenses as well as accommodation and meals at Woudschoten Hotel and Conference Center. You will receive an e-reader with preparatory material and have the opportunity to present your research on the Summer School homepage and blog. Most importantly, you are offered an intellectually stimulating, lively and friendly atmosphere conducive to fruitful exchange with both international senior scholars and peers.

The project team

Prof. Dr. Sven Dupré (Director ERC ARTECHNE Project, Professor History of Art, Science and Technology at Utrecht University and University of Amsterdam)

Dr. Jenny Boulboullé (Postdoctoral Researcher ERC ARTECHNE Project & Program Coordinator TransPositions Summer School 2017)

Jill Briggeman MA (Project Manager ERC ARTECHNE & TransPositions Summer School 2017)

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