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Magali An Berthon

Born in 1983 in Montreal, Canada, Magali An Berthon is a London-based textile researcher and designer of French and Vietnamese origins. After earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in textile design at the National School of Decorative Arts of Paris, she studied textile history at the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York (FIT) on a Fulbright Fellowship in 2014-2015. She continued with one year as a research fellow at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institute at the Curatorial Textile department in New York. Textile and design specialist, Magali An Berthon focuses on Southeast Asian textiles, local craft cultures, and sustainable processes. As a designer, she develops collections of textile design for fashion brands, interior decoration, and artisanal projects; and visual communication projects for cultural institutions in France and the US.

She co-founded Ateliers Monde in 2013, a non-profit consulting agency that promotes the “well-made in world,” highlighting inspirational workshops and craftspeople from all-over the world through exhibition curation, events, talks, film documentaries, and handcrafted limited editions. She also produces the web documentary platform Tissus & Artisans du Monde (World Textiles & Artisans), an online multimedia journey combining film, photography and short essays showcasing highly-skilled textile artisans from various places of the world such as Morocco, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, France, and North America.

She currently is a PhD candidate in History of Design at the Royal College of Art of London focusing on the dynamics of silk heritage in contemporary Cambodia.




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