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Hannah Lilley

I am a PhD student at the University of Kent, Canterbury, funded by MaterialWorld@Kent a scheme that supports cross-faculty research into the material world. As such, I am part of the Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies as well as the School of Engineering and Digital Arts. My interests are in the material culture of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, particularly the material culture of the manuscript arts and writing/ narrative as it is presented in material forms. I am particularly interested with how writing materials are made and then how writers and manuscript makers understand them. A central concern of my research is how through cross-disciplinary collaboration we might be able to understand more about script and materials using scientific methods and this has not only lead to the image Processing side of my current project, but also to collaborations with Forensic Science with whom I have been making pre-modern ink recipes. I’ve recently been an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellow at the Huntington Library, and have been part of a variety of projects interested in the Material World – being a co-organiser of the AHRC Doctoral Training programme ‘Material Witness’ and part of a research group ‘Material Web at Kent.’

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