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Franca Mader

Franca Mader studied Art History, Media Studies and Curatorial Studies at the University of Bern. She finished her studies in 2011 with a Master’s degree with the thesis “Caracciolo und der Beginn des neapolitaner Caravaggismus” supervised by Prof. Dr. Christine Göttler. Since 2011 she works as assistant at the Bern University of the Arts at the department for Conservation and Restoration. In 2015 she started her PhD project entiteld „Skulptur und Plastik in Darstellungen und Quellenschriften des 16.-18. Jh.“ as part of the SNSF project “Erschliessung kunsttechnologischer Quellenschriften in Text und Bild“ (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christine Göttler).

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