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Michèle Seehafer

Michèle Seehafer studied Art History, Business Economics and Curatorial Studies at the University of Bern and finished her Master’s degree with a thesis entitled “Das Winterzimmer auf Schloss Rosenborg unter Christian IV. – Kunst, Wissenschaft und Selbstinszenierung” (supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christine Göttler). Since June 2016, she is a Doctoral candidate within the international SNSF project “Materialized Identities: Objects – Affects – Effects in Early Modern Culture, 1450–1750” in the subproject “Mutable Matter: Netherlandish Painters on Values, Uses and Effects of Gold” with a PhD project: “Transformation and Imitation – Aspects of Materiality in the Early Modern Danish Kunstkammer” (supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christine Göttler).

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