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Caro Verbeek

Caro Verbeek (1980) is an art historian and a curator with a focus on the lower senses. Her aim is to (re)construct a more sensory history of art by collecting and (re)creating historical scents and tactile impressions. She teaches the preliminary course ‘The Other Senses’ at the Royal Academy of Arts (The Hague) and is specialised in olfactory tours and interventions for museums (for example: Amsterdam Museum, Biblical Museum, Rijksmuseum, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven). Furthermore Verbeek curates the scent culture platform ‘Odorama’ at Mediamatic, with topics varying from synaesthesia, olfactory language, smell and behaviour and olfactory art. Her books and articles include “Inhaling Memories” (Senses & Society, 2013), “Something in the Air – Scent in Art” (Villa Rot, 2015), “Scented Colours” (Bloomsbury, 2017). Verbeek lectures worldwide on historical scents and how smell can once again play a role in education and art.

She is currently working on her PhD on art historical smells at VU University, with IFF (International Flavours & Fragrances) and the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

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