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Video Statements Summer School 2016

We asked some follow-up questions to our keynote lecturers, watch what they have to say below!

Guest lecturer Monica Juneja from the University of Heidelberg illuminates how new conceptions of current curatorial practices could create awareness of the relativity of disciplinary borders and transnational dynamic processes:


Guest lecturer Sandro Mezzadra from the University of Bologna explains why – in the face of today’s refugee crisis with all the media coverage on the return of fences, barbed wire and walls – it is necessary to see European borders not only as lines which disable or hinder mobility and exclude people, but to focus also on the productive aspect of borders:


Guest lecturer Bernhard Siegert from the Bauhaus University Weimar illuminates why – apart from economic and geopolitical processes – we should take into account aesthetics when dealing with today’s border regimes:


Guest lecturer Mary C. Fuller from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) elucidates why Richard Hakluyt’s collection is a text that is good to think with when it comes to the theme of border regimes:

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