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15. August 2014, mrossini | 0 Comments

Linking back to the Winter School 2013 and the theme of posthumanism, I’d like to invite those of you working on human-animal and human-machine relations and intersections between the humanities, medicine and technoscience more broadly, to consider participating in this international conference and doctoral workshop. Further info: link

When: 4-6 June, 2015
Where: Geneva (t.b.c.), Switzerland
Deadline for abstract submission: 30 September, 2014

Guest speakers:
Jeffrey Cohen (Medieval and Early Modern Studies)
Stefan Herbrechter (Cultural Studies, Englit)
Margrit Shildrick (Gender Studies, Bioethics)
Cary Wolfe (Animal Studies, EngLit)

26. March 2014, Michael Toggweiler | 0 Comments

Manuela Rossini and Mike Toggweiler are editing an issue of Word & Text on “cultural transfer”. We are happy to announce our call for papers and welcome abstracts from interested scholars until 27 June 2014.

26. March 2014, Michael Toggweiler | 0 Comments

Between heterogeneity and homogeneity – guest lecturer Anil Bhatti from Jawaharlal Nehru University of New Delhi emphasizes the advantages of considering cultural processes in terms of similarity

26. March 2014, Michael Toggweiler | 0 Comments

Entrapped by my mobile phone? – guest lecturer Hans Peter Hahn from Goethe University Frankfurt explains why it could be misleading to talk of a proper agency of non-organic things

26. March 2014, Michael Toggweiler | 0 Comments

Tales from the crypt – watch how guest lecturer Marianne Sommer from the University of Lucerne sheds some light on hominid bones as an example of knowledge transfer within anthropological discourse and beyond

26. March 2014, Michael Toggweiler | 0 Comments

An elevation of culture – guest lecturer Helga Mitterbauer from the University of Alberta explains why we should consider culture as transfer

26. March 2014, Michael Toggweiler | 0 Comments

The benefits of an academic ivory tower – postdoctoral scholars Sylvia Karastathi and Katharina Wessely from the University of Berne talk about interdisciplinary encounters by way of travelling concepts such as “cultural transfer”

26. March 2014, Michael Toggweiler | 0 Comments

Beyond nature-culture – Watch PhD candidate Jacqueline Dalziell from the University of New South Wales explaining why slime molds might undermine an anthropocentric notion of cultural transfer

15. March 2014, Jacqueline Dalziell | 0 Comments

Hi All,

Hope everyone is well.

A quick note to again thank Manuela and Mike for their tremendous organisational efforts in putting together a fantastic Winter School.

I thought this Summer School coming up soon may be of interest to some:




6. March 2014, Jonas Flury | 0 Comments

I remain to be convinced.
Contemporary and past social interaction is characterised, I believe, by a constant exchange and interchange across cultures. The fundamental problem of the concept of cultural transfer lies in its emphasis on certain and specific processes. By describing one from of exchange as a cultural transfer, it inexplicitly stipulates that other cultural forms, idioms and objects and knowledge remain fixed and fixated within the boundaries of culture (or often simply the nation state). Despite intending and purporting the opposite, in the application of the concept of cultural transfer scholars have to assume a fixation of culture and knowledge as a contrast to the “fluidity” they analyse and depict. This reduction of complexity is surely a dead-end and misleading.

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