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Tagesarchiv für den 29. October 2011

Call for Applications
29. October 2011, svonfischer | 0 Comments

When: 22-27 January 2012

Where: Schloss Münchenwiler near Berne, Switzerland

Languages: English (main), German, French

ECTS: 6 | Costs: 500.- Swiss francs (travel and accommodation covered by organizer)

Application deadline: 27 November 2011

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Invited guests and the focus of their lecture
29. October 2011, svonfischer | 0 Comments

Prof. Dr. Christiane Schildknecht (Philosophy, University of Lucerne) An explication of the concept of knowledge, including its limits and an analysis of different forms of knowledge.

PD Dr. Roland Wenzlhuemer (History, University of Heidelberg) The changing relation between information and knowledge: new communication technologies and contemporary societies’ perception of them – the example of telegraphy.

Prof. Dr. Michael Hagner (Science Studies, ETH Zurich) Generation and transfer of knowledge in the digital age: the fate of the printed book and changing notions of intellectual property, reading, writing and interpretation.

PD Dr. Stefan Willer (Literary Studies, ZfL Berlin) Figurations of future knowledge: a rhetorical and epistemological investigation of knowledge-to- come in connection to current prognostic notions like ‘sustainability’, ‘security’, ‘scenario’, ‘contingency’.

Winter School 2012: Transforming Knowledge and Epistemic Cultures
29. October 2011, svonfischer | 0 Comments

In post-industrial societies, due to the impact of globalisation and technological development, we are witnessing a growth and diversification of the sites of knowledge production and the ways in which a variety of actors articulate and circulate knowledge. As a result, the privileged position of ‘scientific’ knowledge is contested, making knowledge the symbolic and material capital not only of academic ‘experts’. By the same token, the authorization of ‘knowledge’ becomes a matter of debate and changing power structures. The Winter School analyses and discusses these changes from a historical, sociological, cultural and philosophical perspective. It reflects in particular on the challenges thereof for the humanities and the social sciences regarding their role in the knowledge society of (post)modernity and their contribution to larger processes of transformation.

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