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Tagesarchiv für den 25. January 2012

Statements on the Winter School
25. January 2012, svonfischer | 0 Comments

Watch David Jara, a member of the Heidelberg Graduate School for Humanities ad Social Sciences (HGGS), talking about how he benefits from participating in the Winter School.

Statements on the Winter School
25. January 2012, svonfischer | 0 Comments

Watch what guest lecturer Christiane Schildknecht, professor for philosophy of mind, language and science at the University of Lucerne says about the Winter School.

Academic Hypertext
25. January 2012, djara | 0 Comments

Here is an essay by Adrian Miles dealing with some central issues concerning the possibilities of academic hypertext writing. While it might be somewhat outdated (2001), it still gives an idea of some of the “dangers” and advantages of the media.

Writing for Interdisciplinary Journals and Book Series
25. January 2012, mrossini | 0 Comments

Dear All

To explore the possibility of a single-authored or joint publication in today’s workshop, please find below a list of journals and book series for which I either act as the General Editor (EP), an editorial board member (CP, W&T) or an affiliate happy to establish ‘first contact’ or mediate on your behalf.

@you and world: If you are the editor of any other journal or book series that you’d like to advertise as a possible forum for the participants of this and future Winter School, please add your title/link as a  comment or separate post. We’d particularly welcome online/open access possibilities, even ‘academic hypertext’ (see post David Jara above) Read more

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